Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Playlist from 7/24


1 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer Theme
2 Pookey Blow Get Up The Third Unheard
3 Torche Triumph Of a Venus Meanderthal
4 *Shels Sea of the Dying Dhow Sea of the Dying Dhow
5 Lilys Knocked On the Fortune Teller Everything Wrong is Imaginary
6 Helmet Better Meantime
7 Zebulon Pike Structure of the Black Stallion The Deafening Twilight
8 Mastodon Siberian Divide Blood Mountain
9 Atomic Rooster Shabooloo Death Walks Behind You
10 Converge Hell to Pay Jane Doe
11 Masters of Reality Domino The Blue Garden
12 *Shels The White Umbrella Part 2 Sea of the Dying Dhow
13 Masters of Reality John Brown The Blue Garden
14 Stevie Wonder 1-2-3 Sesame Street Songs From the Street
15 The Pointer Sisters Pinball Number Count Songs From the Street
16 Envy Go Mad and Mark A Dead Sinking Story
17 The Wedding Present Lovenest Seamonsters
18 High on Fire DII Death Is This Communion
19 Minutemen Little Man With a Gun In His Hand Double Nickels On the Dime
20 Mr. President Coco Jumbo
21 Mah Na Mah Na Mah Na Mah Na Songs From the Street
22 Johnny Cash Nasty Dan Songs From the Street
23 Sun Kil Moon Lost Verses April
24 Mr. Magic Potential 1980 The Third Unheard

Friday, July 18, 2008

Playlist from 7/17

Link to hear the show

1 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer Theme
2 Funkadelic Cosmic Slop The Best Of
3 Black Sabbath Sabbra Cadabra Black Box
4 Candlemass Demonia 6 King of the Grey Islands
5 The Novas The Crusher Rockabilly Psychosis
6 Guy Teddy's Jam Guy
7 Acid King Midway 10"
8 Jawbreaker Outpatient 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
9 Tiny Hawks Four Days After Ariel Got Shot Fingers Become Bridges
10 Jeff Buckley Eternal Life Grace
11 Uriah Heep July Morning 20th Century Masters
12 Weedeater God Luck and Good Speed God Luck and Good Speed
13 Witchcraft Chylde of Fire Firewood
14 White Heaven Fallin' Stars End Out
15 Carcass Symposium of Sickness Necroticism
16 The Band Don't Do It The Best Of
17 Baroness Red Sky
18 Black Moth Super Rainbow I Am the Alphabet Start a People
19 Oh No Exp Out the Ox Dr. No's Oxperiment
20 Nujabes Fly By Night Hydeout Productions
21 The Books It Never Changes to Stop Lost and Safe
22 Cramps Save It Bad Music for Bad People
23 The Evens You Won't Feel a Thing The Evens
24 Fugazi Margin Walker 13 Songs
25 Kylesa Between Silence and Sound Time Will Fuse Its Worth
I hope everyone enjoyed the DJ BC interview. As I said in an earlier post, please contact me if you would like me to upload some of his music for you.

He does have things available on his site:


Thanks again, Bob!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Interview with DJ Doc Rok

On my last show, which is linked below, I interviewed Silver Spring's own DJ Doc Rok.

He was an extremely cool guest and we touched on a lot of different subjects, as well as played some of his music.

His website is here.

His music is all posted for free, so I will post a couple things below. Make sure to grab them all and then come out to his show on July 18th at the Rock and Roll Hotel.





Keep tuning in for more.


Playlist from 7/3/08

Link to listen

1 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer theme
2 DJ Doc Rok Notorious Thugs/ All Along the Watchtower Biggie Hendix Experience
3 DJ Doc Rok Purple Haze/ Nasty Boy Biggie Hendix Experience
4 DJ Doc Rok Dusty Springfield/ If I Can't 50 Cent's Golden Oldies
5 DJ Doc Rok P.I.M.P 50 Cent's Golden Oldies
6 DJ Doc Rok 2pac/ Eric Clapton
7 DJ Doc Rok M.I.A Boys Remix
8 Zhigge Rakin' In the Dough Zhigge
9 Sound Providers 5 Minutes An Evening With the Sound Providers
10 Andre Nickatina Ice Cream
11 Confunkshun Love's Train Best Of
12 Flying Lotus Massage Situation Reset
13 Ozomatli Oh Le Le
14 Nujabes Waltz For Life Will Born
15 Shpongle My Head Feels Like a Frisbee Tales of the Inexpressible
16 Black Sabbath Rat Salad Paranoid
17 Pissed Jeans I've Still Got You (Ice Cream) Hope For Men
18 Pissed Jeans My Bed Hope For Men

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Interview with DJ BC tonight!

Tonight I get to chance to interview one of my favorite DJ's, the almighty DJ BC. I first heard about him online because of his Wu-Orleans album. I then went on to track down tons of his material and it is all excellent.

Some of my favorite things he has done:

If there is any interest in them, I will gladly upload them.


Playlist from 6/26


1 DJ Doc Rok American Dreamin' American Zeppelin
2 DJ Doc Rok Blue Magic American Zeppelin
3 DJ Doc Rok Fallin American Zeppelin
4 DJ Doc Rok I Know American Zeppelin
5 DJ Doc Rok Roc Boys American Zeppelin
6 Baby Huey and the Babysitters Listen to Me The Living Legend
7 Hard n Phirm Funkhauser Horses and Grasses
8 Hard n Phirm American Dinosaurs Horses and Grasses
9 Hard n Phirm She Named the Pony Jesus Horses and Grasses
10 400 Blows Electric Wilderness Angel's Trumpets and Devils
11 Evildead Annihilation of Civilization Annihilation of Civilization
12 Finntroll En Maktig Har Ur Jordens Dyup
13 Nihilith Moongrinder Ex Nihilo Demo
14 Candlemass Samarithan Nightfall
15 Tommy Guerro What Have I Been Doing Since Return of the Bastard
16 Happy End Kakurenbo Happy End
17 Happy End Haruyo Koi Happy End
18 Cephalic Carnage Sleeprace Anomalies
19 Failure Another Space Song Fantastic Planet
20 Carnage Malignant Epitaph Dark Recollections
21 Pavement Fillmore Jive Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
22 Tihomir Pop Plejboy Pop
23 Cornelius Point of View Point Point
24 Whourkr Cena Naat
25 Weedeater For Evan's Sake God Luck and Good Speed