Friday, August 15, 2008

Playlist from 8/14/08


1 Bearman Intro Bear Necessities
2 Alias and Ehren Ladders Lillian
3 Flying Lotus Breathe, Something/ Stellar Los Angeles
4 Sunny Day Real Estate Faces in Disguise The Rising Tide
5 Harvey Milk After All I've Done For You Life...The Best Game in Town
6 Dday One Dust Ritual Loop Extensions
7 Blockhead Carnivores Unite
8 Nadja By Guilted By the Sun
9 Nadja The Guilted By the Sun
10 Nadja Sun Guilted By the Sun
11 Oh No Break The Disrupt
12 Grief Stricken Come to Grief
13 Blockhead Trip Part 1
14 Oh No Getaway The Disrupt
15 The Zombies Friends of Mine Odyssey and Oracle
16 40 Winks Input A The Lucid Effect
17 Harvey Milk Roses Life...The Best Game in Town
18 Mercyful Fate The Preacher Time
19 Super Furry Animals Receptacle for the Respectable Rings Around the World
20 Oh No Chump The Disrupt
21 Rye Coalition 300 Foxes Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet
22 Floor Tales of Lolita Floor
23 Floor Downed Star Floor
24 Nihilith Moongrinder Ex Nihilo

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