Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Internet Access !

After a good long spell with no internet, I've got it back. No internet means I haven't checked out too much new music. However, I do have some good shows coming up.

Maps and Atlases at The Black Cat - 9/14/08

These guys are awesome, and sound a lot like Minus the Bear. Although that show will be plus one Baer... wow...

Faraquet at The Black Cat 9/18/08

This band is intense.

More coming soon...

Playlist from 9/3/08


Anyhow, I had my first show today. The link is here.

The playlist:

1 Tom Waits Earth Died Screaming
2 Tom Waits Pasites and a G-String
3 Shiner Pills The Egg
4 John Fahey Variations on a Coocoo The Dance of Death
5 Queens of the Stone Age In the Fade Rated R
6 Stereolab The Stars Our Destination Mars Audiac Quintet
7 Electric Wizard Mourning Prayer Come My Fanatics
8 Zapp and Roger Computer Love All the Greatest Hits
9 Sun Kil Moon Glenn Tipton Ghots of the Great Highway
10 Slowdive When the Sun Hits Souvlaki
11 Air Playground Love The Virgin Suicides
12 Al Green Take Me to the River Best Of
13 Bongzilla Grog Lady Stash
14 Cats and Cats and Cats The Green Room
15 Husker Du Beyond the Threshold Zen Arcade
16 Iggy Pop Lust For Life
17 Pixies Bone Machine
18 Burning Airlines Flood of Foreign Capital Mission: Control!
19 Iron Butterfly Iron Butterfly Theme
20 Love Alone Again Or
21 Snatch Soundtrack Golden Brown
22 Fu Manchu Squash That Fly
23 The Zombies She's Not There
24 Diplo Big Lost Florida
25 Moog Cookbook Intergalactic
26 Moog Cookbook Novicaine
27 Moog Cookbook Whole Lotta Love
28 Yo La Tengo Moby Octopad
29 Rare Essence Overnight Senario
30 Rufus Thomas Funkiest Man Alive

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Time Slot

Mauled By a Baer will now be on Wednesday's from 4-6PM EST

My first show of the fall semester is tomorrow, so be there!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Playlist from 8/14/08


1 Bearman Intro Bear Necessities
2 Alias and Ehren Ladders Lillian
3 Flying Lotus Breathe, Something/ Stellar Los Angeles
4 Sunny Day Real Estate Faces in Disguise The Rising Tide
5 Harvey Milk After All I've Done For You Life...The Best Game in Town
6 Dday One Dust Ritual Loop Extensions
7 Blockhead Carnivores Unite
8 Nadja By Guilted By the Sun
9 Nadja The Guilted By the Sun
10 Nadja Sun Guilted By the Sun
11 Oh No Break The Disrupt
12 Grief Stricken Come to Grief
13 Blockhead Trip Part 1
14 Oh No Getaway The Disrupt
15 The Zombies Friends of Mine Odyssey and Oracle
16 40 Winks Input A The Lucid Effect
17 Harvey Milk Roses Life...The Best Game in Town
18 Mercyful Fate The Preacher Time
19 Super Furry Animals Receptacle for the Respectable Rings Around the World
20 Oh No Chump The Disrupt
21 Rye Coalition 300 Foxes Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet
22 Floor Tales of Lolita Floor
23 Floor Downed Star Floor
24 Nihilith Moongrinder Ex Nihilo

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Interview with Nadja

On my next show, I will be interviewing drone-legend's Nadja!


Be sure to listen, and let me know if you want me to ask anything.

Playlist from 7/31/08


1 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer Theme
2 Castor Track 3 Tracking Sounds Alone
3 Abdominal Fast Food Flowtation Device
4 * Nappy Roots Good Day
5 Think Twice Esto Es With a Loop and Some Swing
6 * Clouds Garbage In, Garbage Out We Are Above You
7 * Clouds Empires in Basements We Are Above You
8 Karp Spelling Trouble Karp
9 Black Manta Space Ape Fuck Them All But Six
10 Moonshine While Supplies Last Moonshine
11 Nujabes Imaginary Folklore Hydeout Productions
12 On a Pale Horse King Brimstone On a Pale Horse
13 Flying Lotus Hello 1983
14 Teddy Robin and the Playboys Move It At Their Best!
15 Karp D&D Fantasy Karp
16 Count Bass D Sanctuary Dwight Spitz
17 Celtic Frost Visions of Mortality Morbid Tales
18 Teddy Robin and the Playboys Take My Life At Their Best!
19 Count Bass D Aural Sects Dwight Spitz
20 Adverts The Adverts The Wonders Don't Care
21 16 Horsepower Cinder Alley Secret South
22 Wretched Golden Child Psychosomatic Medicine
23 Castor Track 1 Tracking Sounds Alone
24 * Clouds Feed the Horse We Are Above You
25 g.a.t.e.s. g.a.t.e.s. Total Death
26 Ultraphallus Hands For the Bull Ivy Lungville
27 Harvey Milk Decades Life...The Best Game in Town
28 Titus Andronicus Fear and Loathing In Mahwah, NJ
29 Thou They Stretch Out Their Hands Peasant
30 Southern Whiskey Rebellion Another Binge
31 Shiner Pills The Egg
32 Ultraphallus Antibody Lungville
33 g.a.t.e.s. Sacrifice Total Death

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Playlist from 7/24


1 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer Theme
2 Pookey Blow Get Up The Third Unheard
3 Torche Triumph Of a Venus Meanderthal
4 *Shels Sea of the Dying Dhow Sea of the Dying Dhow
5 Lilys Knocked On the Fortune Teller Everything Wrong is Imaginary
6 Helmet Better Meantime
7 Zebulon Pike Structure of the Black Stallion The Deafening Twilight
8 Mastodon Siberian Divide Blood Mountain
9 Atomic Rooster Shabooloo Death Walks Behind You
10 Converge Hell to Pay Jane Doe
11 Masters of Reality Domino The Blue Garden
12 *Shels The White Umbrella Part 2 Sea of the Dying Dhow
13 Masters of Reality John Brown The Blue Garden
14 Stevie Wonder 1-2-3 Sesame Street Songs From the Street
15 The Pointer Sisters Pinball Number Count Songs From the Street
16 Envy Go Mad and Mark A Dead Sinking Story
17 The Wedding Present Lovenest Seamonsters
18 High on Fire DII Death Is This Communion
19 Minutemen Little Man With a Gun In His Hand Double Nickels On the Dime
20 Mr. President Coco Jumbo
21 Mah Na Mah Na Mah Na Mah Na Songs From the Street
22 Johnny Cash Nasty Dan Songs From the Street
23 Sun Kil Moon Lost Verses April
24 Mr. Magic Potential 1980 The Third Unheard

Friday, July 18, 2008

Playlist from 7/17

Link to hear the show

1 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer Theme
2 Funkadelic Cosmic Slop The Best Of
3 Black Sabbath Sabbra Cadabra Black Box
4 Candlemass Demonia 6 King of the Grey Islands
5 The Novas The Crusher Rockabilly Psychosis
6 Guy Teddy's Jam Guy
7 Acid King Midway 10"
8 Jawbreaker Outpatient 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
9 Tiny Hawks Four Days After Ariel Got Shot Fingers Become Bridges
10 Jeff Buckley Eternal Life Grace
11 Uriah Heep July Morning 20th Century Masters
12 Weedeater God Luck and Good Speed God Luck and Good Speed
13 Witchcraft Chylde of Fire Firewood
14 White Heaven Fallin' Stars End Out
15 Carcass Symposium of Sickness Necroticism
16 The Band Don't Do It The Best Of
17 Baroness Red Sky
18 Black Moth Super Rainbow I Am the Alphabet Start a People
19 Oh No Exp Out the Ox Dr. No's Oxperiment
20 Nujabes Fly By Night Hydeout Productions
21 The Books It Never Changes to Stop Lost and Safe
22 Cramps Save It Bad Music for Bad People
23 The Evens You Won't Feel a Thing The Evens
24 Fugazi Margin Walker 13 Songs
25 Kylesa Between Silence and Sound Time Will Fuse Its Worth
I hope everyone enjoyed the DJ BC interview. As I said in an earlier post, please contact me if you would like me to upload some of his music for you.

He does have things available on his site:


Thanks again, Bob!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Interview with DJ Doc Rok

On my last show, which is linked below, I interviewed Silver Spring's own DJ Doc Rok.

He was an extremely cool guest and we touched on a lot of different subjects, as well as played some of his music.

His website is here.

His music is all posted for free, so I will post a couple things below. Make sure to grab them all and then come out to his show on July 18th at the Rock and Roll Hotel.





Keep tuning in for more.


Playlist from 7/3/08

Link to listen

1 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer theme
2 DJ Doc Rok Notorious Thugs/ All Along the Watchtower Biggie Hendix Experience
3 DJ Doc Rok Purple Haze/ Nasty Boy Biggie Hendix Experience
4 DJ Doc Rok Dusty Springfield/ If I Can't 50 Cent's Golden Oldies
5 DJ Doc Rok P.I.M.P 50 Cent's Golden Oldies
6 DJ Doc Rok 2pac/ Eric Clapton
7 DJ Doc Rok M.I.A Boys Remix
8 Zhigge Rakin' In the Dough Zhigge
9 Sound Providers 5 Minutes An Evening With the Sound Providers
10 Andre Nickatina Ice Cream
11 Confunkshun Love's Train Best Of
12 Flying Lotus Massage Situation Reset
13 Ozomatli Oh Le Le
14 Nujabes Waltz For Life Will Born
15 Shpongle My Head Feels Like a Frisbee Tales of the Inexpressible
16 Black Sabbath Rat Salad Paranoid
17 Pissed Jeans I've Still Got You (Ice Cream) Hope For Men
18 Pissed Jeans My Bed Hope For Men

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Interview with DJ BC tonight!

Tonight I get to chance to interview one of my favorite DJ's, the almighty DJ BC. I first heard about him online because of his Wu-Orleans album. I then went on to track down tons of his material and it is all excellent.

Some of my favorite things he has done:

If there is any interest in them, I will gladly upload them.


Playlist from 6/26


1 DJ Doc Rok American Dreamin' American Zeppelin
2 DJ Doc Rok Blue Magic American Zeppelin
3 DJ Doc Rok Fallin American Zeppelin
4 DJ Doc Rok I Know American Zeppelin
5 DJ Doc Rok Roc Boys American Zeppelin
6 Baby Huey and the Babysitters Listen to Me The Living Legend
7 Hard n Phirm Funkhauser Horses and Grasses
8 Hard n Phirm American Dinosaurs Horses and Grasses
9 Hard n Phirm She Named the Pony Jesus Horses and Grasses
10 400 Blows Electric Wilderness Angel's Trumpets and Devils
11 Evildead Annihilation of Civilization Annihilation of Civilization
12 Finntroll En Maktig Har Ur Jordens Dyup
13 Nihilith Moongrinder Ex Nihilo Demo
14 Candlemass Samarithan Nightfall
15 Tommy Guerro What Have I Been Doing Since Return of the Bastard
16 Happy End Kakurenbo Happy End
17 Happy End Haruyo Koi Happy End
18 Cephalic Carnage Sleeprace Anomalies
19 Failure Another Space Song Fantastic Planet
20 Carnage Malignant Epitaph Dark Recollections
21 Pavement Fillmore Jive Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
22 Tihomir Pop Plejboy Pop
23 Cornelius Point of View Point Point
24 Whourkr Cena Naat
25 Weedeater For Evan's Sake God Luck and Good Speed

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Callum Robbins Benefit Show

On 6/13/08, I went to the benefit show for J. Robbins son, Callum, who has muscular dystrophy.

It was an excellent, excellent night all around. I ran into a bunch of old friends, and saw some good music.

We showed up late (my friend Dean and I), so we missed Hammer No More the Fingers. According to Bailey, they were "sweet and had a nice groove". He then proceeded to air bass and sway side to side to demonstrate aforementioned groove.

I checked them out, and they are pretty solid.

Link to their MySpace

Next up was Deleted Scenes, who I mentioned before in this blog. These guys can do no wrong. I'm pumped to hear more of their new material. Oh, and their drummer, Brian Hospital has a ridiculous beard. They also played a Burning Airlines cover and NAILED it. Absolutely awesome.

MySpace joint

Then was the band, Caverns, who I was really excited for because I had the drummer and guitar player on my radio show for an interview and I still hadn't seem them live. They put on a great show. I was really impressed with how heavy the piano player could get. Also, the light show added a lot. They had a guy posted up in the back with a rig in which he was pressing a button for a light to go off, in sync with the music. It added a lot.


I've also got a link to their blog, Silk Scorpion, in my links list on the right.

Before the headlining band came on, a few of the musicians from the various bands got up and did a Jawbox cover. Always cool to see.

The headliners were Bakerton Group, which features members of Clutch. They were pretty cool, although I can't say much because I wasn't there for the whole set (long story).


It was great to see all of those people come out and support a musician/producer who has done a remarkable amount for the music scene. He is best known for playing in Jawbox, Channels, and Burning Airlines.
He has also produced COUNTLESS bands:
The Aerialist
Against Me!
Bakerton Group
Barra Head (Denmark)
Brinca Means Jump
Clinton Van Gemert
the Convocation
Dashboard Confessional
Debate (Brazil)
Deleted Scenes
DeSoto Records "Play" Children's comp
Jason Dove
Driving in Silence
En Masse
Exit Strategy
Georgie James
Goodbye Soundscape
Hammer No More the Fingers
the Hidden Hand
Just a Fire
Kelly Carmichael/Band of Puritans
Killing the Dream
Knot Feeder
The Life and Times
Lo Moda
Mary Timony Band
Midnight Revival / Liars Academy
Miranda Sound
Modern Life is War
Murder By Death
My Locomotive
My Lucky Dime
None More Black
Oranges Band
Owls & Crows
Paint it Black
Park Ranger
Peter Maybarduk
Report Suspicious Activity
Rob Lester
Smoking Popes
Solar Powered Sun Destroyer
Speaker Speaker
Soccer Team
Stapleton (Scotland)
Story of the Sea
Thank You
Two If By Sea
You, Me, & Iowa

We are not worthy. In honor of him, I'm going to post my favorite Burning Airlines and Channels albums.

Burning Airlines - Mission: Control!

1. "Carnival" – 2:30
2. "Wheaton Calling" – 3:12
3. "Pacific 231" – 3:20
4. "Scissoring" – 2:32
5. "The Escape Engine" – 2:54
6. "(my pornograph)" – 1:13
7. "Meccano" – 2:51
8. "3 Sisters" – 5:47
9. "Flood of Foreign Capital" – 3:44
10. "Crowned" – 2:43
11. "Sweet Deals on Surgery" – 2:39
12. "I Sold Myself In" – 9:26

Download here

Channels - Waiting For the End of the World

1. New Mandarins
2. Lucky Lamb
3. The Licensee
4. Helen Mirren
5. Unreal Estates
6. Hug The Floor
7. Mayday
8. Chivaree
9. $99.99
10. New Logo
11. Little Empires
12. Mercury

Download here

Very amazing albums, check them out.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Driving the Hillcar

My aunt, Gretchen Baer, started the Hillary Clinton Army and was just in town to hang out with the family and go to some Hillary rallies.

After being here for a few days, she flew up to stay with my grandparents and left the infamous Hillcar at our house.

It was definitely a conversation starter with many of the neighbors.

It was supposed to get picked up from our house in order to be shipped, but the tow truck guy could not get down our street. So I drove it down a few streets over. The look on his face as I pulled up was priceless. We stopped, looked at each other, and I pointed at the car to let him know that it was the one he was waiting on. We both laughed and shrugged our shoulders.

Anyway, I had to drive it to my work in order to copy the receipt. That was hilarious, taking it on main roads and having people almost crash when they take a double take.

Here is a short video of me driving it:

Until next time...

Playlist from 6/12/08

My show from 6/12 was pretty awesome. I had Jimmy Rhodes come in and talk about his new band, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer. Their first show is with Parachute Musical at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Listen for good tunes and

Check out both bands:

Solar Powered Sun Destroyer

Parachute Musical
The new Parachute Musical song is tight.

Direct Link to the show

1 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer Theme
2 Lungfish Solid State Sound in Time
3 Gory Blister 1000 Eyes Skymorphosis
4 Ufomammut Odio Snailking
5 * Solar Powered Sun Destroyer Some Assembly Required Intromission
6 * Solar Powered Sun Destroyer As the Earth Knocks At My Door Intromission
7 * Solar Powered Sun Destroyer Intromission Intromission
8 Jesu Wolves Silver
9 Celtic Frost Dethroned Emperor Morbid Tales
10 Candiria Signs of Discontent 300 Percent Density
11 Frank Zappa Black Napkins Zoot Allures
12 Frank Zappa The Torture Never Stops Zoot Allures
13 Pentagram All Your Sins Relentless
14 Cathedral Oro the Manslayer The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Hm, other things I've been up to?

On June 9th I went to see Mudhoney with my buddy Jason and a friend of his, with opening bands The Cynics and The Points.

The Points opened up...

They rule hard, I saw them once before and really liked them.

The Points Myspace

Next up was The Cynics...

We only caught the tail end of their set, but they did a pretty nice cover of Schools Out for Summer. I thought the singer looked like Ozzy.

The Cynics Myspace

And last but not least, Mudhoney...

I never listened to them in the glory days of grunge, but my friend Jason introduced them to me a couple of years ago. I instantly liked Superfuzz Bigmuff. That album was released in 1988 and still rules.

"Touch Me I'm Sick" – 2:35
"Sweet Young Thing (Ain't Sweet No More)" – 3:46
"Hate the Police" (The Dicks) – 2:08
"Burn It Clean" – 3:00
"You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face)" – 2:53
"Halloween" (Sonic Youth) – 6:12
"No One Has" – 3:26
"If I Think" – 3:37
"In 'N' Out of Grace" – 5:28
"Need" – 3:00
"Chain That Door" – 1:51
"Mudride" – 5:43

Link to download the album

I wanted to buy this shirt:

As far as their set, they played a nice mix of old and new. It was the old stuff that got people going crazy though. When they launched into Touch Me I'm Sick, it caused quite the ruckus. Although the songs are 20 years old, they still hit nice and heavy.

More to come, soon...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Playlist from 6/05/08

Direct link to the show:

1 The Beastles (DJ BC) I Feel Fine Right Now The Beastles
2 The Herbaliser You're Not All That Same As It Never Was
3 DJ BC Dirty Brass w/ ODB Wu Orleans
4 Animal House Movin' Right Along The Muppet Show Theme and other Hit Songs
5 Animal House The Pig Calypso The Muppet Show Theme and other Hit Songs
6 DJ BC Hustle w/ Rick Ross
7 Hickory Wind The Lazy Farmer At the Wednesday Night Waltz
8 John Barry Midnight Cowboy Midnight Cowboy
9 Richard Cheese Baby Got Back Sunny Side of the Moon
10 Unwound Devoid Repetition
11 Grey and Hanks Single Girls Prime Time
12 Bill Cosby What Ya Think Bout Lickin My Chicken Disco Bill
13 Richard Cheese Girls, Girls, Girls Sunny Side of the Moon
14 The Beastles (DJ BC) Mother Nature's Rump The Beastles
15 DJ BC Message For the City
16 Totimoshi Possum Monoli
17 Harvey Milk Decades Life...The Best Game in Town
18 Harvey Milk After All I've Done For You, This Is How You Repay Me? Life...The Best Game in Town
19 Boards of Canada '84 Pontiac Dream The Campfire Headphase
20 DJ BC Challahback Girl (Orthodox Mix)
21 Weezer Pork and Beans Red Album
22 Los Admiradores Blue Moon Bongos
23 Rick James Throwdown Throwin' Down
24 Richard Cheese Sunday Bloody Sunday Sunny Side of the Moon
25 John Barry Florida Fantasy Midnight Cowboy
26 Ray Conniff Unchained Mischief The Lost Dub Sessions
27 Ray Conniff The Bah, the Dah, and the Ugly The Lost Dub Sessions
28 DJ BC Golden Peace Frog w/Jurrasic 5
29 The Rods The Night Lives to Rock Wild Dogs
30 Richard Cheese Another Brick in the Wall Sunny Side of the Moon
31 Unwound Corpse Pose Repetition
32 The Beastles (DJ BC) Tripper Trouble The Beastles
33 DJ BC Here Comes That Champ in Black
34 The Wombles Wombling Summer Party Remember You're a Womble
35 The Wombles Banana Rock Remember You're a Womble

Good show today. My buddy Jesse came in and played some tracks with me. Stay tuned for an interview with DJ BC next week, and the following week I am interviewing Jimmy Rhodes from Solar Powered Sun Destroyer.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playlist from 5/29

Direct link is here:

1 Herb Albert and the Tijiuana Brass Mae Going Places
2 Christian Baer Mauled By a Baer Theme
3 Black Sabbath Who Are You Black Box
4 Testament Seven Days of May Souls of Black
5 Gaza Hell Crown I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die
6 DJ BC Da Sound of Da Irish Police Band
7 Djavan Aquele Um The Brazilian Funk Experience
8 The Music Machine Kindness
9 Fuck...I'm Dead Delicious Dollop
10 Spirit Caravan Retroman Elusive Truth
11 The Music Machine The String Song
12 Las Grecas Negros Son Tus Ojos Por Siempre Grecas
13 Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass Spanish Flea Going Places
14 Melvins The Smiling Cobra Nude With Boots
15 West Street Mob Break Dance - Electric Boogie Break Dance - Electric Boogie
16 Whorkr Cera Naat
17 Parliament Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples Parliament Live
18 Ratt Lay It Down Invasion of Your Privacy
19 The Bananas Billy Reuben Nautical Rock and Roll
20 Ufomammut Lacrimosa Snailking
21 Sons of the Pioneers Tumbling Tumbleweeds
22 Torche Charge of the Brown Recluse Torche
23 Necrophagist Epitaph Epitaph
24 Conglomeration Jesus Is Just Alright Conglomeration
25 Conglomeration Turn the Beat Around Conglomeration
26 The Music Machine Patience
27 Conglomeration Ease On Down the Road Conglomeration
28 The Music Machine Self Control
29 Talkdemonic White Gymnasium Beat Romantic
30 Herb Albert Walk, Don't Run Going Places
31 West Street Mob Boogie Freak Break Dance Electric Boogie
32 Church of Misery Candy Man Church of Misery
33 The Exploited Drug Squad Man Combat Core
34 Lungfish Come Clean Necklace of Heads
35 Lungfish Put Your Halo On Necklace of Heads
36 Cathedral Magnetic Hole Supernatural Birth Machine

Lots of wierd vinyl stuff on this show.

Stay tuned to the blog for some music uploads. I'm in the process of moving and haven't had time to get anything up yet.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on some stuff.

Firstly, I've been listening to this EP from The Environment. The vocalist is a buddy of mine, and he told me to put the link up on the blog to share with who ever wants it.

As far as what they sound like, they cite Tera Melos, At the Drive-In, Damiera, Hella, Bear Vs. Shark, and Don Caballero so that should give you an idea of what to expect. It's technical, yet catchy. Here is a link to the MySpace:

And here is the album, Shark Facts EP



Secondly, on my show today I played some Deleted Scenes. These guys rule, and will be releasing new stuff very soon. Expect an interview very soon with guitarist Chris Scheffy.

I suck at descriptions, just watch this live vid from a show at the Velvet Lounge:

Here's a link to the MySpace:

Playlist from 5/22/08

Stream today's show here:

Beauty PillYou Are Right to be AfraidYou Are Right to Be Afraid
Beauty PillCopyistsYou Are Right to Be Afraid
BirthmarkCummulus StimmulusThe Layer
Dr. DogSay SomethingEasy Beat
FantomasDer GolemThe Directors Cut
Dr.DogThe PretenderEasy Beat
The AdvantageDuck Tales - MoonElf Titled
MC Hammer featuring Deion SandersStraight to My FeetStreet Fighter Soundtrack
Cephalic CarnageHidden TrackXenosapien
The UndertakersUndertaker Stomp
Brant BjorkBonus TrackPunk Rock Guilt
Sonic FlowerBlack SunriseSonic Flower
Ted Leo and the PharmacistsTimorous MeThe Tyranny of Distance
Soul 4 RealCandy Rain
Deleted ScenesDay Off Work
Atomic RoosterTomorrow NightDeath Walks Behind You
Black SabbathCornucopiaVol.4
NebulaDown the HighwayLet it Burn
Iggy and the StoogesT.V. EyeFun House
Electric WizardStone MagnetElectric Wizard
The DronesCockeyed Lowlife of the Highlands5/16/07 Bootleg
Black SabbathSupernautVol. 4

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coming soon!

Interview with my buddy Jimmy, who wants to talk about his new band Solar Powered Sun Destroyer.

Jimmy's played with bands such as Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Swarm of the Lotus, and All Else Failed.

Their first show is going to be June 21st at the Rock and Roll Hotel with Parachute Musical.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Playlist from 5/16/08

Christian BaerMauled By a Baer Theme
Double DaggerLuxury Condos for the PoorRagged Rubble
Neil YoungAfter the Gold RushAfter the Gold Rush
FenDesolation EmbracedAncient Sorrow
5*GanonDescend From the WindAs Above, So Below
Sly and the Family StoneEveryday PeopleStand!
RebreatherTurnmachineHalf Speed Ahead
Drugs of FaithEyes ClosedDrugs of Faith
DystopiaInstrumentalDystopia - Skaven Split
MassacreDawn of EternityFrom Beyond
5iveWhen the Lights Go Out5ive: The Album
Holy FuckLovely AllenLovely Allen
Neil YoungVampire BluesOn the Beach
15*CynicIntegral BirthDemo
Kerosene 454Pointer RidgeSituation Hand
Sonic FlowerIndian SummerSonic Flower
Life and TimesMy Last HostageSuburban Hymns
19*RadioheadLuckyBootleg from 5/11/08
Eddie HazelCalifornia Dreamin'Games, Dames, and Guitar Thangs
Afrika BambaataaGot That VibeDark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light
Lightning Bolt2 Morro Morro LandHypermagic Mountain
BluetipNewportPost Mortem Anthem
Boom BipDo's and Dont'sRed Eyed in the Blue Room
Boom Bap Project1,2,3,4Reprogram
Mauled By a in blog form

Welcome everyone.

This is a blog for my show, Mauled By a Baer on WMUC Radio:

My show is from 2-4pm on Thursdays.

After I do my first one, I'll post a direct link to the archives.

I'm going to try and keep this blog updated with new music and my ramblings about nothing.