Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Playlist from 9/3/08


Anyhow, I had my first show today. The link is here.

The playlist:

1 Tom Waits Earth Died Screaming
2 Tom Waits Pasites and a G-String
3 Shiner Pills The Egg
4 John Fahey Variations on a Coocoo The Dance of Death
5 Queens of the Stone Age In the Fade Rated R
6 Stereolab The Stars Our Destination Mars Audiac Quintet
7 Electric Wizard Mourning Prayer Come My Fanatics
8 Zapp and Roger Computer Love All the Greatest Hits
9 Sun Kil Moon Glenn Tipton Ghots of the Great Highway
10 Slowdive When the Sun Hits Souvlaki
11 Air Playground Love The Virgin Suicides
12 Al Green Take Me to the River Best Of
13 Bongzilla Grog Lady Stash
14 Cats and Cats and Cats The Green Room
15 Husker Du Beyond the Threshold Zen Arcade
16 Iggy Pop Lust For Life
17 Pixies Bone Machine
18 Burning Airlines Flood of Foreign Capital Mission: Control!
19 Iron Butterfly Iron Butterfly Theme
20 Love Alone Again Or
21 Snatch Soundtrack Golden Brown
22 Fu Manchu Squash That Fly
23 The Zombies She's Not There
24 Diplo Big Lost Florida
25 Moog Cookbook Intergalactic
26 Moog Cookbook Novicaine
27 Moog Cookbook Whole Lotta Love
28 Yo La Tengo Moby Octopad
29 Rare Essence Overnight Senario
30 Rufus Thomas Funkiest Man Alive

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